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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dora´s Snow Angel

I sent Lajuana a photo recently to show her how much snow we have here in Germany while she´s basking in the Texan sunshine and she sent back this lovely LO which she created using my freebie snowflakes and Noel Nouveau. I think the doggy paw prints are a nice touch and Dora would too if she wasn´t too busy trying to wrench that stick out of my hands to notice anything! Thank you, Lajuana. At least it was sunny enough for me to need my sunglasses that day even though it was so cold I had to be muffled up to my chin and down to my eyebrows.
By the way, if you missed the Christmas presents, you´ll find them HERE


  1. She created a winter wonderland for you! It really is pretty, but I've had enough of the snow and cold here to feel the shivers. Those paw prints are so adorable (we keep using that word relative to Dora, don't we?) Interesting to see even angels have to bundle up.

  2. Brrrrr... that looks COLD! You look so cute all bundled up! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas! :)