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Monday, December 20, 2010

Pretty Peggy

When I look at this photo I wonder what prompted Peggy to dress up just to go down and sit on the harbour wall unless it was for the sole purpose of having her photo taken to display her new clothes. She´s certainly dressed in the height of late 1940´s fashion and wouldn´t look out of place in Hollywood so she must have looked quite exotic on a small island in the far north of Scotland. Look at those chunky peep toe shoes with the ankle straps! And the lacy gloves. I think her dress is beautiful and couldn´t resist adding a little colour to it and painting her lips to match as I can just imagine that dark red lipstick. (Click on the photo for a larger view.)
I´ve added some gold swirls to give her a little Hollywood bling and I had fun experimenting with the gilt-edged frosted glass frame on various backgrounds. I like the way it changes to mulberry against the dark pink to set off Peggy and her lovely dress. I love this photo of her. She looks so young and carefree and happy on that long ago summer day.


  1. She is really, really beautiful and she would love what you've done with her photo. The swirlies are amazing and give it such a feeling of femininity. Great job!

  2. Beautiful layout and beautiful Peggy! You've colored it so sweetly to quite enhance her youthful happy looks. The effect of the frame is great - glad you explained it. It really leaves me thinking about your question of how she came to be photographed so dressed up in the harbor. Did you ever know her? She looks like someone you'd like to visit with.

  3. I´ve never met Peggy and don´t even know if she´s still alive but I find this photo so intriguing I´ll have to find out more about her from my mother.

  4. This is a lovely photo and layout. You are right about the how beautiful Peggy and the dress are in this photo. Thank you for sharing.