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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Who Needs Snow?

It may look pretty decorating my robins Christmas card but I´ve had enough snow to last me a lifetime. In fact I´ve got so much this winter I´m giving it away so if you´re not feeling chilly enough already, get your woolly hat and mittens on and shovel it up HERE!


  1. Love the Christmas Card and your Snowflakes Helen! But I'm Not crazy about all the snow we have been getting this year! :)

  2. I'm on my sway with my shovel. It was 86 here on Tuesday! Your snowflakes are beautiful. :o)

  3. Your robins are so sweet! Love your card, but I'm with you and Deb that we have had ENOUGH snow! Cold too for that matter. The one good thing now is that we've turned the corner and the days will be getting longer.

  4. Lovely snowflakes...I'd say send the snow to us but it wouldn't last long. A cold front has run off our 80s temps but the coming days are still going to be too warm for snow to last! Thanks for the snowflakes. Already know what I plan to do with them!

  5. Sorry, but 3 years without winter, cured me. Never enough snow for me :-)
    Love your snowflakes Helen, thanks!