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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Summer Past

My mother´s older sister, Lucas, had a large collection of family photos. For many years after her death nobody knew what had become of them until my cousin, Neville, discovered them in his brother´s attic. This is one which I restored recently.

I don´t know exactly when it was taken but it must have been in the early 1930s, probably in her home town of Glasgow, and judging by the blouse and sandals my aunt is wearing, it was during the summer. I´ve given the photo an appropriate floral setting using backgrounds designed especially for it plus some jewelled insects and swirls left over from Flight Of Fancy. If they morph into a kit I think Summer Past would be an appropriate name for it.


  1. What charming and fanciful flights of the butterfly to set off the photo of your Aunt. This look lovely and a kit named Summer Past would do it proud. It really does enhance the summery feel of the time.

  2. What a perfect setting for your restored photo of your aunt. The dragonfly and butterfly flight paths and flowers seem to radiate from her lovely smile. And I love the name Summer Past for a kit!

  3. So when is Summer Past coming out? LO

  4. Just as soon as Summer Present is with us and/or I have a new scrapping home!